Listed below are services that are offered. These training options are for teams and small groups (2-4 athletes).

ACL Prevention
ACL injuries are a serious problem that can be preventable. Females are more susceptible to ACL tears due to various factors. The main focus of this program will be on proper landing, deceleration, and change of direction technique.  By learning the proper technique of these three elements, the athlete will have improved their avoidance of injury, flexibility, and strength.  

Speed & Agility
This program is structured to teach an athlete to refine their running technique and to make their movements more efficient. Each session will include a proper warm-up and movement preparation, technique drills, speed and power drills, strength development work, and fitness/conditioning to finish.

Pre-Season Conditioning

These sessions will be structured to prepare your team for their upcoming season. The goal and focus of this program, whether it is one session or ten, will be on fitness. The fitness and training will be specific to the sport and the overall needs of the team. Each session will include movement preparation and conditioning activities.

Tournament Recovery

Athletes dedicate a significant amount of their time to training and very little, if any, time on recovery. After a tournament weekend, the body is left in a state of shock. The tournament recovery session will act as an active recovery for the body by utilizing various methods of flexibility training and low impact activities. The focus will be on increasing circulation to the recovering tissues and enhancing the removal of wastes.

Core & Plyometric Training

The goal of this program is to increase the athlete’s core strength and endurance, and also improve the athlete’s technique with regards to plyometrics. Once the technique is refined, the program will focus on upper and lower body plyometric drills to increase power output.

Off-Ice Hockey Training

This program focuses on the development of two legged and one legged postural stability. Balance and coordination is an integral part of this program as it will also focus on the efficiency of quickness and power from the lower body. There is a strength portion of this program to develop an explosive lower body that is needed for skating.

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