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Strength & Conditioning Program Added

Strength Training Program

It’s never too early to start to train! Not all ages should be lifting weights but training should begin as young as 8. With the knowledge we possess, the athletes will be trained to develop their functional flexibility, core strength, balance, speed, agility, and overall strength & conditioning. This program will also assist with injury prevention by training the stabilizing muscles in our body to have better control over everyday stressors. The end product will be an increase in your son/daughter’s performance.

Importance of strength training in young athletes:

In general, high school athletes do not focus enough on developing adequate levels of strength. This is a huge mistake, because strength is a foundational attribute for improving athletic performance. Speed, agility, flexibility, mobility, power and explosiveness are all aspects of athleticism that can be significantly improved by increases in strength. The combination of strength and skill will help athletes reach their maximum potential. Once athletes build a solid base of strength, they can begin to incorporate speed, power and agility training into their workouts. Whether you play football, basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball or any other sport, the benefits of strength training cannot be ignored. Strength is built through consistency—from mastering bodyweight exercises to compound lifting. The combination of what you do in the weight room and what you do on the field ultimately helps you become a better athlete.

- STACK TV, Joe Meglio, CSCS 

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